Michael & Jeselle — A Cozy, Fun Engagement Session in Jersey City

Michael and Jeselle brought me to their hometown, Jersey City, for their engagement session. Their session was cozy, fun, and an accurate portrayal of their relationship and personalities.

As we were in the beginning phases of planning their session, two major details kept coming up: visiting a restaurant and taking photos after dark. *Cue me getting excited. Two of my favorite things.

It was so special to be able to explore all of Michael and Jeselle’s favorite spots in their city.

An adventure session.

They knew they wanted to do an adventure session. For those of you who are new here, an adventure session looks like the couple hanging out, doing what they love, and me tagging along to capture it. (Being a professional third wheel is my favorite!). This type of session is for the couples who want photos of their love captured in action. It creates space for them to be 100% themselves.

Part 1: The formals

With all adventure sessions, I still like to include a time to grab some “formal” pictures. These are the photos your grandma will want to put on her fridge. The photos you will show your grandkids one day and they’ll say “look how young you were!” These photos are for your lineage, and they are so special.

Part 2: The restaurant

Next stop was one of their favorite restaurants, South House. We started off in the basement in the game room, where they played shuffle board, one of their go-to’s when visiting. Then we went upstairs and got dinner. It’s always so great to get to hang out with my clients. We chatted all things wedding and life. Truly, by the end of the night, they felt like long time friends.

Part 3: After dark

You’ll find me saying this over and over again, but ambient, low light situations are honestly my favorite. It forces me to get creative and be intentional. As soon as we stepped outside of the restaurant and onto the streets, the warmth of the lights (even though by this time it was freezing outside) overtook me. Nothing quite beats the glow of a city at night.


Film is my love language. When Jeselle reached out about adding this onto their session, it was an immediate yes for me. So here’s your reminder that I offer film as an add on for ANY session type or wedding! From engagement sessions, maternity sessions, family sessions, and especially your wedding.

Michael and Jeselle, you guys are awesome. Thank you for showing me your city! Can’t wait to come back for your wedding in December. xx

This cozy, fun engagement session in Jersey City was so fun. For those seeking the perfect city engagement session experience, let Michael and Jeselle’s story be your inspiration.

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