Cameron & Jackie — A Snowy Engagement Session in Pittsburgh

Cameron and Jackie brought me to Pittsburgh for their snowy engagement session at Seven Springs Ski Resort. We totally lucked out with the weather and had a blanket of fresh snow waiting for us. We had a blast flocking through the snow and adventuring around the resort.

I’m all about intentionality.

Intentionality is what I live and breathe. I believe that people are important and their stories are worth telling. Asking good questions and truly getting to know someone is something that I love. When it comes to photography, the same applies. I don’t want an engagement session to simply be a photoshoot. If it is, I’ve missed the mark. I want it to be an opportunity to capture you naturally, playfully, truthfully. And the only way to do that is to be intentional.

It’s never just a “smile at the camera” for the whole photoshoot. Let’s have fun, let’s get messy, let’s move around, let’s create space for you to be you.

A wintery scene.

While you may not be able to tell by the pictures, the first location we shot at was actually sandwiched between the resort’s hotel and a road. We climbed up a rock wall and had the whole strip of fresh snow to ourselves. Walking through the trees, it felt like entering into Narnia. A perfect little hideaway, nestled between the pines. I prompted them to walk through the secret entrance, lay down and make snow angels, and each say one thing they are most looking forward to about their wedding day. Again, it’s all about creating space. Enjoying the moment. Making something of it.

An easy going kind of love.

Jackie and Cameron were the kind of couple that just makes my job easy. They were just as down for an adventure as I was, right off the bat we were chatting away, and you can truly feel and see how comfortable they were with each other. It’s beautiful.

I had a blast running (and slipping) around in the snow with these two, and I’m so excited to hang out with them again for their wedding in September. xx

This snowy, wintery engagement session in Pittsburgh was so fun. For those seeking the perfect engagement session experience, let Cameron and Jackie’s story be your inspiration.

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