Michael & Ember — A Golden Evening Affair

The night before is often one of my favorite things to capture on a wedding weekend. You’re surrounded by all of your closest friends and family, all gathered to intimately celebrate your love. The excitement is tangible, anticipation present in every smile, giggle, and hug.

After the rehearsal, Michael, Ember, and I snuck away and the two of them danced in the golden light. Ember wore her thrifted dress and shoes and the Texas evening showed off all of its glory.

We then entered the chateau and dinner began. Michael’s mom prepared a beautiful evening with games and so many thoughtful touches and details. The room was full, and soft, ambient light replaced the sun’s golden glow. Laughs and tears were had by all.

At the end of the night, we snuck away again to get creative with low light and the shadows of the chateau. This golden evening affair was one for the books. The night before will always be magical to me.

creative couple portraits

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