January 8, 2024

A Dreamy Florida Wedding

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Isaac and Olivia flew me to Florida to capture their dreamy December wedding weekend. In the short time that I got to spend with them in person, I fell in love with who they were and the way that they carried themselves.

Here are just a few things I loved about the days surrounding December 10th:

They were so intentional with honoring the Lord. From setting aside times of prayer, starting their ceremony off with the Gospel, and even in the way they prepared for their wedding day and steward His presence in their daily lives. Just one moment with them and you call feel the Lord’s joy radiating off of them both.

They trusted me wholeheartedly. From literally welcoming a stranger into their lives and home, to giving me full creative rein when it came to their photos.

Even though it rained during the time we were supposed to take all of the formal portraits, they were so down to go outside and embrace the conditions. (My type of people!) We frolicked and danced in the pouring rain under the streetlights and honestly it was beautiful. Reckless abandon, fueled by the joy of forever together.

Their day was so special to me. Holy, set apart, and full of joy. What an honor to work with couples who make work an adventure and treasure.

Also! I can’t end this blog post without a special shoutout to the girls who welcomed me into their group and were so sweet and kind. You know who you are. Now one of you get married so we can see each other again!

Cheers to Isaac and Olivia!

bride and mom portrait

wedding reception

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