December 4, 2023

A Couples Session in Paris

This September I had the opportunity to travel to Europe and the UK and visit old friends in some of my favorite places.

Here is an excerpt I wrote from my time in Paris.

I’ve been asked about my trip a lot. What was it like? What was your favorite thing? These moments are what I use to describe it:

Staring at Notre Dame knowing that 30 years ago my dad stood here on his military leave while he backpacked across Europe. All of a sudden the view became so much sweeter.

Catching glimpses of the Eiffel tower at night, choking back tears knowing one day my kids will be able to say the same about me.

Lost in the architecture, curves full of history and stories. What did this same view look like 100 years ago?

Fresh pastries every morning, wine at night, sweet friends to share it with.

Picnics and brie and baguettes.

Endless people watching and street corners and cafe’s.

The beauty of Paris is not lost on me. Thankful for the opportunity to truly see a city full of so much richness.

Nathan, Noemié and I dedicated one evening to exploring the streets of Montmartre. I brought my camera, they brought themselves and a picnic basket full of bread and cheese and wine. We strolled, simply looking for beautiful corners and a place to picnic. (Keep an eye out for the pictures of them on the bench. That’s where they had their first date – history upon history upon history.)

Paris, you’re beautiful. It was a true joy to create art upon your streets.

Paris photoshoot inspiration

couples session in paris

couples session in subway

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