Luke & Emma — An Intimate Summer Backyard Wedding

Luke and Emma’s wedding day was centered around intentionality and family.

They rented an airbnb where the girls got ready and had their ceremony in the backyard. The morning was slow and calm, filled with giggles and soft, excited tears.

Luke and Emma’s first look was by far my favorite moment of the entire day. As a wedding photographer, I’m a part of many sacred and intimate moments. I’ve thought about what made this moment from their day stand out from all of the rest I’ve experienced and I’ve concluded that it was a pure representation of the holy joy of marriage. Tangible love, tears thick with emotion, and embraces representative of both the excitement of the moment and of a lifetime to come. It truly doesn’t get much better than that. What a joy to witness.

If you really look at these photos, you’ll find they are filled with emotion. The little smiles, hugs shared, tender glances… This is the part that will always speak to me about a photo. This is the thing that they’ll cherish most in 50 years. This is my favorite part of a wedding gallery.

I’m honored to have captured their story. I’m touched by their love and these photos will always be the ones I show when asked what wedding day emotion looks like.

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