Austin & Katie — An October Studio Wedding

Austin and Katie are intentional and their lives are centered around community and encouragement. I had the honor of doing a couples session with them, then photographing their proposal, engagement session, and most recently, their wedding. It has been a joy to walk through these multiple seasons with them and get to know them more throughout the process.

A few highlights from their day: the lovely group of Katie’s coworkers I sat with for dinner. They were bubbly, fun, and we had a hilarious conversation together as we ate delicious tacos. Their bridal party was a definite highlight as well. Again, just a quality group of people, so down to earth and fun. Getting to witness the bond between friends and family was so evident and sweet. You could tell everyone was there because they genuinely love Austin and Katie and they gave their all as they celebrated. Oh also, Austin and Katie both checked on ME throughout the night to see how I was doing (see what I mean when I say intentional?!).

Looking back at my iPhone behind the scenes footage from their day, I found a video from their dance party. “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen is playing, EVERYONE is vibing, and during the last few seconds of the video Katie drags Austin into the dance circle. Needless to say, I love that video and “Don’t Stop Me Now” is now on multiple of my Spotify playlists.

Austin and Katie, I’m your biggest fan and I can’t wait to see the incredible things you do together.

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