Austin & Katie — A Midsummer Engagement Session

Austin and Katie are genuine. When you talk, they listen. When they talk, you can’t help but listen.

They’re one of those couples that just makes sense together. Two creatives, drawn together by a heart for community and passion for Christ. A perfect compliment, two halves that fit in seamless unison.

The location they chose for their session required about an hour walk both ways – which meant we spent two hours just chatting and getting to know each other, discussing our passions, and me learning deeper aspects of their story. There’s nothing more special than when a client feels like a friend. By the end of the evening, that’s just how I would describe it.

We stopped along a golden field on our walk up. They danced in the sunlight while the geese meandered behind us.

The cliffs were also drenched in a golden glow. We soaked up the last of the sun and then they danced under the sky’s pink and purple hues.

To end the night, I pulled out my flash and we had fun with some direct flash photos.

Their session was a blur of conversation, laughter, frog dodging (ask us how walking back in the dark was), and a celebration of two lives that are about to become one.

Cheers to the future Gingerich’s, October can’t come soon enough. xx

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