Dane & Audrey — An Engagement Session in the PA Capitol Building

Audrey: “I’d like some photos in an elevator for our engagement session!”

Me: “DONE.”

We frolicked around the Pennsylvania capitol building located in my hometown and personal stomping grounds, Harrisburg. Audrey had a vision for her engagement session and when I say I was all over it… I MEAN IT. It’s quite safe to say I am not only obsessed with these photos, but this couple as well.

There were smiles the entire time, squeals (from both of us), and Dane even started catching on to my love for light and shadows.

Aside from knowing your clients answers on a questionnaire, you don’t really know much about them to begin with – but you quickly start to pick up on things. Observing and asking questions is one of my favorite things to do. I love to be intentional with watching how they interact with each other and all of the little exchanges that pass between them.

From the little bit of time I spent with Dane and Audrey this particular late summer afternoon it was impossible not to notice the true joy that passes between them. A joy bubbling up from the overflow of love. It’s contagious. And beautifully humbling.

While these photos are creative and *such a vibe if I do say so myself* they speak of a love and passion between two people who are excited for their union.

When I say it is an honor to capture such a love, I mean it.

I can’t wait to celebrate them in 2024. xx

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